10 Tips to Create a User-Friendly Contact Page that Boosts Your Business

April 7, 2023

When it comes to creating a website, having a user-friendly contact page that converts is crucial. A contact page that is easy to use and understand can make a huge difference in the success of your website. In this blog, we’ll cover some tips on how to create a user-friendly contact page that converts. 

Compared to other pages on a website, a contact page typically receives more page views. It is a place where customers may get in touch with and connect with a company. These efforts to connect and communicate are important to you as the owner of a website since this is how connections with your prospective clients start. 

1. Keep It Simple 

Your contact page should be clear and concise. The user should be able to easily and clearly navigate the page. Keep your design simple and uncluttered. Avoid employing jargon and speak plainly. 

2. Add a Clear Call-To-Action 

Make sure to add a clear call-to-action to your contact page. This may encourage users to take action and contact you. You can use phrases such as “Get in touch” or “Contact us” to make it clear what the user needs to do. 

3. Make It Gorgeous

Visitors that use your contact page are inviting a relationship with you. Pay close attention to the layout of your contact us page since they want to learn more about you. You want website visitors to be eager to get in touch with you.

4. Show People Where and When to Find You

If you are going to include your address on your contact us page, use a map to pinpoint the location for your visitors. This way, they can easily identify relevant interactions and transit routes. You might also want to include your hours of operation so visitors know what hours to call and don’t turn up to closed doors.

5. Include a Contact Form 

Including a contact form is a great way to make it easier for users to contact you. A contact form allows users to fill out their details and send you a message without having to open their email client. Make sure to keep the form fields to a minimum and only ask for essential information.

6. Provide Multiple Ways to Contact You

Not everyone prefers to use a contact form, so it’s important to provide multiple ways to contact you. Include your email address, phone number, and social media links on your contact page. This may give users more options to choose from and make it easier for them to contact you in their preferred way.

7. Use Visuals 

Visuals can help make your contact page more engaging and memorable. Use images or videos to help explain what you do or how you can help the user. This can help build trust and encourage users to contact you. 

8. Make It Mobile-Friendly

Your contact page needs to be mobile-friendly because more people are visiting websites via mobile devices. Make sure the page is user-friendly and responsive across a range of screen sizes. To make sure the page functions properly on all platforms, test it on several devices. 

9. Redirect to a Thank-You Page

Nothing frustrates visitors more than to know now if their contact inquiry was sent through successfully. Redirecting them to a thank-you page or simply including a form-submitted confirmation message will reassure them that the form worked.

10. Test and Optimize 

To guarantee your contact page is converting as well as possible, it's crucial to test and optimize it. Track user behavior using programs like Google Analytics to find any problems or potential improvements. To make sure your contact page is functional, keep making adjustments based on the data you collect. 

In conclusion, combining design, functionality, and optimization is necessary to produce a user-friendly contact page that converts. You can design a contact page that looks amazing and converts visitors into leads and customers by keeping it simple, including a clear call-to-action, offering various ways to reach you, using visuals, making it mobile-friendly, and regularly testing and tweaking it.

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