Accessibility Recommendations for Your Website

March 20, 2023

Having a website that anyone can use is essential in today's information age. People with disabilities should be able to use your website just like anyone else because that's what being "accessible" implies. Making your website more accessible can benefit all of your site's visitors by making it easier for them to use and view your site's material.

To make your website more accessible, consider the following recommendations:

Insert Alternative Text into Picture Files

When an image cannot be viewed, its alt text provides a brief explanation of what the image is. Screen readers rely on this information to provide a written description of a picture to users who cannot see it. Make your website more accessible by giving each picture a brief description in the "alt text" field. Users who have trouble seeing can be able to understand the image better because of this feature.

Take advantage of headings to organize your writing

The headers on your website can help you structure and order the information. The use of headings in the right way can help screen readers and other assistive technologies understand how your content is organized. It's important to make your website's material easily navigable, so use headings to break up large blocks of text.

Make sure your computer can easily navigate your site

Avoid assuming that all visitors to your site are able to use a mouse or trackpad. If you want more people to be able to use your website, make sure everything can be viewed with a keyboard. You can navigate between links and icons by pressing the tab, and you can press enter to select them

Provide a straightforward interface

An accessible website relies on straightforward browsing. Make sure the menu is clear and designated the same way on every page of your website. Users can appreciate it if you draw attention to the current tab they are on.

Strive for Strong Color Separation

Websites that use high-contrast color schemes are easier for people with vision impairments to navigate. If the colors of the text and background are very different from each other, it can be easy for people to understand the information on your website. Don't put yellow text on a white backdrop or any other color scheme that can make the text hard to read.

Ensure that all videos have transcripts and captions

Users with hearing impairments may encounter difficulties accessing multimedia material like videos and podcasts. Create transcripts and captions for all videos on your site to make them more accessible. This may ensure that people who are deaf or hard of hearing can still access and enjoy your multimedia.

Maintain easy access to all necessary documents

To collect information from visitors, many websites use forms. By including thorough instructions and clearly labeling all required fields, make sure that everyone can use your forms. The form must be fully accessible via computer shortcuts.

In summary, increasing your website's accessibility can allow more people to use it. You can make your website more user-friendly for everyone by implementing these suggestions. A website that is easy to use also shows that your company cares about diversity and wants to include everyone.

Are you ready to put your website through an accessibility test?

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