Marketing Your Dental Practice: 3 Key Strategies

March 30, 2023

Your marketing plan for your dental practice is the missing piece that can help you get good new patients.  However, simply knowing that your practice needs to show up in Google’s search results is not enough.  Here are three important places to start:

1. Create a Dental Website with the Patient in Mind

Your dentistry website is the foundation of all your marketing activities. Those looking for a doctor in your area are most likely to check your website first. So, you should try to connect with them on an emotional level while also easing their worries and answering their questions. Don’t put the style of your website over the information patients are looking for, and ensure your website is mobile-friendly.

2. Prioritize Five-Star Google Reviews

Google Reviews has the potential to increase traffic by informing potential patients that you have received positive feedback from previous clients. The absence of reviews is less compelling than a flood of five-star ones. Patients in the modern era put more stock in testimonials than they ever did in a dentist's years of experience, educational background, or the breadth of their service menu.

3. Improve your Google Ads Campaign

Google Ads appear before organic search results and are an important part of how you market your dental practice. Since more than half of patients use search engines to find dentists, you can get them to your practice by making sure your ads show up in search results.   Google Ads provides an immediate and consistent return on investment for your business, and Google wants to make sure your ads perform well.

These are just a few strategies to help your dental practice attract new patients this year.

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