Prioritizing Cybersecurity

February 7, 2024

Many companies prioritize speed over security in today's rush to launch new products and features. This can lead to releasing software without proper security checks, leaving them open to cyber threats like data breaches and damage to their reputation.

Startups, in particular, feel pressure to make revenue quickly to attract investors. But even as they grow, the mindset of speed over security can stick around, increasing the risks. That's why it's crucial to address cybersecurity early on.

Ignoring cybersecurity can have serious consequences. Cybercriminals are always looking for weaknesses to exploit. When they succeed, businesses can lose money, trust from customers and damage their reputation. To avoid these problems, companies need to make cybersecurity a top priority.

Breaking Down Silos for Better Security

One big problem for companies trying to have strong cybersecurity is something called "silos." Silos happen when different teams in a company don't talk to each other very well. In many big companies, the IT team handles the security stuff, while making software is done by the research and development (R&D) team. This separation makes it hard for these important teams to work together.

To have the best security, the security and development teams need to work closely together. Security can't do its job well without help from the people who make the software. If there are silos, it can lead to big risks because the development teams might ignore what the security experts are saying when they're putting out new products.

Also, to have a strong security plan, every department in the company needs to be involved. Cyber attackers are sneaky and might try to attack places other than just the tech stuff. Places like human resources and customer service might not seem related to security, but they can be targets for cyberattacks too. That's why it's important to include everyone in talks about cybersecurity to keep the company safe.

Taking a Team Approach to Security

Cybersecurity isn't the same for everyone. Every domain, organization, department, and team has its own security needs. Things like rules, how the network is set up, keeping things physically safe, and protecting data and websites are all part of security.

To meet these different security needs, software teams need to think about security right from the start. Just like how we make sure software works well, having a security expert involved early on can prevent big problems later.

It's important to think about security for every task or thing we're making. Teams should ask, "What's the worst thing that could happen?" Then, they need to make sure they've covered those worst-case scenarios. That way, security is part of the plan from the beginning, not just something we add later.

And security isn't just for the tech experts. Everyone in the company has a role to play. Making sure everyone knows about security and what happens if we don't take it seriously is important. All employees need to understand why security matters and what can go wrong if we don't pay attention to it.

Security is everyone's job. Security isn't just for tech experts. Every employee plays a role. It's crucial to train everyone on security best practices. They need to understand why security matters and what happens if it's ignored.

Using Threat Modeling to Stay Safe

Threat modeling is a way for companies to be proactive about security. It helps them figure out where they might get attacked and what's most important to protect. By doing threat modeling, security teams can understand how attacks might happen and come up with plans to stop them before they can do any harm.

For big companies that have lots of places where they could get attacked, threat modeling is super important. It helps them figure out which threats are the most serious so they can focus on stopping them first. But doing threat modeling usually takes a lot of work because it's not automated. That means people have to do it by hand and keep an eye on things all the time.


Prioritizing cybersecurity isn’t just smart for business – it’s crucial for keeping your company safe online. Ignoring cybersecurity risks puts your business in danger of cyber attacks, which can cause big problems.

The security and development teams need to work together and talk to each other. When everyone in the company gets involved in cybersecurity, it makes it harder for cyberattackers to succeed.

Thinking about security from the start of a project and considering the needs of each department helps make sure your security plan covers everything. By doing this, you can avoid problems before they happen.

Lastly, using threat modeling helps you stay ahead of cyber attackers by identifying and securing places where they might try to attack.

At Sapere Marketing, we know how vital cybersecurity is for your business to grow safely. We're here to provide solutions that match your brand and online needs, so you can focus on what matters most while we take care of your website's security and maintenance.

Together, we can make sure your business sails smoothly through the online world, keeping it safe and reaching new heights. Let's share this message of safety and empowerment with your partners and work together towards a brighter future, embracing the strength of cybersecurity and the endless opportunities it brings.

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